Monday, April 22, 2013

Ain't Scared of Your Jail

        I absolutely loved the video. It was so inspiring realizing that college students could help start a movement in a country. Those students didn’t care if they were thrown in jail or almost beaten to death because they knew that their country needed help. They made sure not to retaliate against the violence, instead they took workshops on how to stay calm and create more non-violent protests. “We had workshops in nonviolence, and the workshops helped,” one said. What stands out to me is the number of protests that they came up with. Not only were there sit-ins and bus rides, there were also silent walks and boycotts of businesses and services. It amazes me the number of ways to protest for equal rights.
        Diane Nash was one of those influential people that helped with the Civil Rights Movement. She helped organize sit-ins and freedom rides across the south. She worked with Martin Luther King Jr. in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Nash even taught fellow students how to be calm and patient with the people who tried to hurt them. She taught them how to not fight back against the protest. Nash was a major part of the Civil Rights, and if it wasn’t for her, and many others, the Civil Rights might not have been as big as it was. It might not have changed the way America is today.
                I think that there are many things one can learn from this movement. For starters, you have to be brave. You can’t back down because you’re scared of what might happen. You have to stand up for what you believe in. Also you have to stay calm, through everything. Many of the protestors you see keep a calm persona throughout all the madness going around them. If you’re able to keep calm, you’re able to think quicker.

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