Monday, April 22, 2013

exploration 2 revision

For exploration 2 we were instructed to write about someone who is influential in your life.  One person that I spend a lot of time with and is very influential to me is my girlfriend.  We have been together for somewhere around 2 years she probably knows the exact day and time but I don’t.  I wrote the poem about our two favorite activities together that we always do and that is kayaking then going to taco bell.
My Belle
Further and further,
Only to stop and walk.
Down to the water where we drive a new vehicle.
Under the bridge, under the road called Howard.
She’s quiet and determined,
Yet she laughs at all my stupid jokes.
We paddle our kayaks like turtles to the shore,
Only to have to turn around.
The usual.
Taco Bell.
As always 2 number 7 meals,
Don’t forget the locos tacos.
She always tells me she loves me,
And I can’t help but smile.
When I see her again,
There’s only one thing I need to say.
I love you.

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