Monday, April 22, 2013

Exploration 9 Revision

Jordan Dunlea
English 1110
Mike Lohre
Fresh Analysis (Exploration 9 Revision)
            This film intrigued me.  I noticed a lot of similarities with another film I have seen called Food Inc.  In Food Inc. the focus was more on the negative aspects of commercial farming.  What I liked about the film Fresh was that it didn’t just point out the flaws of the current commercial farming system, but it also presented a solution in the form of a more natural farming system that includes localized farming.  The most important theme of the film was to steer people away from the non-sustainable commercial farming seen today, and instead promote the healthier more natural method of farming explained by Joel Salatin.  Salatin made some really convincing points but what felt the most important was that in the long haul it will be more cost efficient, healthier, and more safe to farm in a natural way like him than in a commercial system that focuses solely on mass production.  In essence, Salatin’s way of farming is better in every way and the evidence is most convincing when he gives a tour of his farm showing just how optimal the whole system runs.  After both Salatin’s and Will Allens testimonies defending natural farming I am left with little doubt that it is the way to go.  Now it is just up to us, the citizens of the USA, to begin promoting a more natural farming system by consuming more natural products and reducing the amount of commercial farm products we consume.

Revisions: I noticed that some of what I said during my presentation wasn’t clearly explained in the writing so I clarified that a bit.  I also added in the parts where I discuss Salatin’s influence because I liked what I said about him in my presentation and thought it should be revised into the writing because he was so influential on my view of modern farming and the way our society should be conducting our agriculture. I also fixed the header so that there was no space between my name, class, your name, and date, per the instructions on our formatting sheet you gave us at the beginning of the semester.    

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