Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Essay Three Ideas

In the comments section under this post, please post your four ideas for Essay Three.  Two of your ideas should be for the photo essay, Prompt 1, and two ideas should be for the more traditional essay connected to our textbook, Prompt 2.


Mike Lohre


  1. prompt one
    photos and interviews at the gun range. due to the recent shooting and forming laws could have some very interesting views
    polaris mall and how different stores and modeling influences the views of teens and how they see themselves
    essay two
    it would be interesting to know how Facebook has changed peoples views of themselves and the suicides and depression from Facebook pranks
    i would like to know more about the occupation of tibet i do not know anything about this topic but i feel it would be a good topic to learn about

  2. part 1
    1: local skatepark, interview people and take pictures
    2: local skateshop. interview owner/workers and take pictures

    part 2
    1: Nelson Mandela and Apartheid
    2: Dalai Lama and The Free Tibet Movement

  3. Prompt One-
    Idea 1: Crossroads music shop downtown Delaware. It would be cool to take pictures of this place and see all the types of people whom come in because they love music and records. They also do guitar lessons.
    Idea 2: MIngo Park is in Delaware. It's a huge community park that consists of baseball & soccer fields, indoor basketball courts, a big pool, running trial and a playground for children. MIngo gets a ton of regulars in the summer.
    Prompt two-
    Idea 1: What is the American Dream to you? This was a good prompt I found in our book. It would be interesting to describe what your dream is, and the things that mean the most to you.
    Idea 2:Will there ever be world peace? This was another prompt I came across in the book. It would be cool to write about considering it's all opinion and would give you a chance to look a social issues all around the world.

  4. Essay One:
    -Downtown Delaware restaurants and shops
    Delaware has a lot of unique restaurants and shops that people love to go to. A lot of these are special gems to those who live in Delaware.
    -Delaware Parks and Recs
    Delaware has many parks, especially around the OWU campus. I think that this will be a great way to see how the different people of Delaware use their rec areas.
    Essay Two:
    -How Computers Change the Way We Think pg.411
    I think this is a great essay that you can argue for or against. The way some people view how students use the internet may be different than others.
    -Meal pg.261
    I think this is an essay that you can research more on and find new information on.

  5. Part 1
    1) Franklin Park Conservatory

    2) OSU Stadium / The Horseshoe

    Part 2
    1) What is happiness? What makes people happy? Why? Is there a connection between wealth and happiness? Good or bad? To what extent? Is there a formula for living a happy / fulfilling life?

    2) Is freedom possible today or in the near future with the growing dangers of foreign and domestic violence? What freedoms should we sacrifice in exchange for safety? Are we any safer with recent infringements on our freedom by the government, or is safety merely an illusion?

  6. PartI.
    1. Pollution & Environmental Issues
    I don't really have a specific location but I am going to focus on Columbus area factories, And how can we find a solution for burning gas.
    2. Columbus Population's Growth
    Taking pictures of the downtown area in a busy day, discussing the population growth issue.
    1.Burning & cutting the Amazon forest Trees on page 587 in the Essay Connection
    2.Gun Control Issue, and the consequences of gun legalization.

  7. The first photo I chose to do is take a picture of Christopher Columbus’s boat and see the meaning behind it and what its worth for the city of Columbus community and its surroundings.
    My second public place to take a picture is Al-Rahma Mosque located by house because it’s the first mosque on its own build in this city. So, I want to see the history behind it.

    Prompt 2
    Idea I
    Page 582
    Picture #2, One of the pictures we talked about last week on the book The Essay Connection.
    Idea II

    Page 586
    My other picture is from the book as well, picture # 6.

  8. Prompt one:
    1. Local restaurant in downtown Powell
    2. The Union at Ohio State

    Prompt two:
    1. What does the American Dream mean to you?
    2. What would you be willing to sacrifice your time and freedom to attain? Page 647

  9. part one:
    1. Somali mall where Somali people go and buy their traditional clothes
    2.Mosque where all Muslim people go to pray five times a day.

    part two.

    1.National League For Democracy on (pg. 635)
    2. The 14th Dalai Lama,Tenzin Gyatso on (pg. 641)

  10. Prompt 1:
    1. Record Store
    2. Vintage Shop
    Prompt 2.
    1.How Computers Change The Way We Think
    2.What does the American Dream mean to you?

  11. Prompt 1:
    1. OSU RPAC (Recreation & Physical Activity Center)
    2. Easton Mall

    Prompt 2:
    1. Is world peace possible? Is long term prosperity possible without peace?
    2. Should our first priority be survival of the planet? What can we do as individuals, as nations, as international alliances, to promote a return to global health?

  12. Prompt 1:
    1. Local Homeless Shelter
    2. Friends on The Ohio State Community
    Prompt 2:
    1. Write about world peace. What would it take to achieve world peace
    2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what is true beauty?