Monday, March 25, 2013

Exploration 10

The readings I found were quite interesting.  I scoured the World, Technology and Science sections of the Times as well as studying some articles on the main page and found some fascinating news.  In the world section a read an article about US diplomatic talks with South Korea.  The plan we signed with South Korea was a protective measure for South Korea against their aggressive neighbors, North Korea.  This article was important because of current events such as the nuclear threat North Korea made towards the US.  This article shows us that we are not alone in our fight against Communism and dictatorships and that we will reach out to those that are threatened by it.  This was the best article I read because it really ties into current events and it also effects every US citizen because North Korea has made it clear that they have no love for us and could even be dangerous.  I found this knowledge useful because we know who the threat is but this article also emphasizes that we also have allies and we won’t let them stand alone against the North Koreans.  The other two articles I read were from the technology and science sections.  Both were cool but I didn’t think they were as globally important as the World article.  The technology article was about finding young hackers that could eventually aide government programs such as the FBI.  The science article although, not as important as the world article, was actually the most interesting.  It is about a super computer called the Quantum computer.  Basically this computer runs a million times faster than any other computer which I thought was awesome!

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