Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exploration 10

I read a bunch of articles, unexpectedly; I found a few that I found quite interesting. I didn't expect to find 'Technology' to be amongst the topic that these articles were found under. I figured Technology would be a boring topic, which is why I left that one for last. But I found that I actually could relate to a few of these articles.
Instagram and the New Era of Paparazzi

            This article told of a story normal paparazzi actions. They seem to always be out stalking thw celeberties, just to capture a meaningless picture, that actually ends up getting big hits by the public. The point of these article is to bring out the new social network called Instagram. This week a photo of Beyonce and her daughter was caught on the Internet, this picture wasn’t taken by a normal phtotgrapher though. It was found on instagram but by just a normal person. The article explains the new world technology that is making it easy for a normal person to just take a picture on there nice picture phone and immediately post it to a social network like instragm or twitter. There us no need for paparazzi anymore, people anywhere, whom just happen to be in the right place at the right time can take a wuick photo and be just a famous a paparazzi themselves! I liked this article because being from the genertation I’m from, these social networks are a big deal to me and people amongst my age! It’s kind of exciting to experience these new things that just keep continuing to make new world achivements and be apart of the new found glories, also called social networks.


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