Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Iraq: Where Terrorists Go to School

The article i read from the new york times world section is titled "Iraq: where terrorist go to school".  this article is not only about where the terrorist train and learn their horrific craft but that since the united states waged war on al Qaeda the attacks and deaths have risen.  the article gives a staggering statistic stating that in the first 12 months of the invasion there were a reported 78 terrorist attacks, in the second 12 month the number nearly quadrupled to a reported 302 attacks.  to me this number greatly surprised me i expected to see the statistic being cut down but it rose to quadruple. one part of this article that stood out to me above the attacks was the deaths.  saying their is an attack is one thing but stating the human loss of life brings the attack home. "At the height of the war, in 2007, terrorists claimed 5,425 civilian lives and caused 9,878 injuries."  that number is simply staggering over 15,000 casualties due to this horrific craft.
this photo is from one of the deadliest terrorist attcks in iraq.  this attack was in sadr city and was the result of multiple mortar attacks and car bombs resulting in almost 300 deaths.
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  1. I thought this was a really interesting article and I did not see it online. It informed me about things I did not know. Also shocked me. This is something awful going on over in Iraq and really all over the world. The numbers getting higher are really just scary. The numbers have just become too large.

  2. It is really shoking to hear that things are THAT bad. The numbers are scary because of how much they are rising.