Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Digitally Aided Education, Using the Students’ Own Electronic Gear

This article caught my eye because I'm always interested in seeing what educators come up with to make school more fun for children, while still having an effect learning experience as well. In our society today kids are having much more access to technology at younger ages, and they are most likely to bring them to school regardless of rules or not. Technology in the classrooms can make things a lot easier for the students and teachers. "Officials at the schools say the students’ own devices are the simplest way to use a new generation of learning apps that can, for example, teach them math, test them with quizzes and enable them to share and comment on each other’s essays". This will also help the districts by not having to pay for every single student, since the majority probably already have the electronic device at home. They will only have to pay for the students that don't have it and that will save the schools a whole lot of money. This reason being is subjected to the fact that some schools, especially down south, are already having trouble paying for the normal computers that kids need to use, so they try to turn to this. Some critics of this idea say, "why are they allowing something that they banned not too long ago in classrooms"; well its obviously to help the district as a whole with their budget. I for one think it is a really creative new idea because because the kids are bringing different devices like iPads  iPods  laptops, phones, and much much more! 

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  1. kids definitely learn better when theyre having fun. i am the same way i have to being doing something for me to learn stuff and actually retain it and the use of apps and smartphones is a great way to bring technology into the classroom in a fun and productive way.