Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Metabolism to Sleep


This article was very interesting to me.  Mostly because sleep is something that i've always struggled with, and weight gain is something I always keep in the back of my mind.  This article talk about a study that 16 healthy men and women participated and were watched closely by doctors.  They were put in a room where their metabolism could be watched closesly.

For these scientists, "The goal was to determine how inadequate sleep over just one week — similar to what might occur when students cram for exams or when office workers stay up late to meet a looming deadline — affects a person’s weight, behavior and physiology (Parker-Pope.)"

This is also perfect because, I am a college student, and late nights are almost always a necessity. It also goes on to talk about jet-lag, and other common problems that interphere with sleep commonly throughout people.  The overall conclusion of the article, is that your matabolism is overall healthier when you are getting fully rested at night. You eat more healthy when your body gets the proper amount of sleep and your metabolism is much more functional, along with other bodily functions.


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  1. Just like a lot of us I can relate to this article too. It is hard to balance out sleep, work, school, and staying healthy! We cannot usually master all of them. It is important for me to eat healthy and stay at a good weight so I know my sleep is very important too. I also liked the Hacker Case leading to calls for better laws. Also a very good article.

  2. Good review. I struggle with getting a consistently good amount of sleep as well (although it's usually my own fault). This is definitely a good thing to be aware of as a college student.

  3. I can relate to this as well because when you've stayed up all night, in the morning you're going to want something sugary or with a bunch of carbs to wake you up and it will give you weight gain.