Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Credibility of Source

One of the main reasons why i picked this source is because of the website it was published in and the date. This article or story was published by The Grand Valley State university. This university is known for its work with the military including veterans. They have a whole network dedicated to them. And just recently (2011) they were recognized by the Military Advanced Education as a top military friendly network and college. Their information and dedication to veterans gives me more insight into more recent stories about veterans  and it helps me connect with stories of Tim O'Brien. This is talking about a combat veteran named Jim Hodges coming out to share his story in the war with people back home. "Hodges presentation 'Eye of the warrior is a captivating story about war's struggles". This sounds a lot like Tim O'Brien sharing his war stories as well. Also, this article was published or posted on June 08, 2010 so it current enough.

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