Monday, February 25, 2013

Seccondary Research

I am writing my paper as a summary of the story themes but also I am also looking into why O’Brian chooses certain places and what those places symbolize.  For example,Though places changes during many of the stories took place “Song Tra Bong”. Song Tra Bong is a Vietnamese river but I didn’t exactly understand what is symbolizes because this s where Mary Anne Bell disappears along the river, when her hunger for life in the jungle consumes her. Kiowa gets swallowed up by the muck on the river bank. So it seems the river seems to symbolize the war itself: violent, unforgiving, sometimes beautiful, and deadly. In addition, since I know what this place stands for I could include how Tim O’Brian uses a river to symbolize the war itself.


Why i chose this link is that it explains deeper on the book and the website is very credible because i seen many peoples review on the website and most are positive. the story doesn't have a  date. 

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