Saturday, February 23, 2013

Secondary Research For Essay

The main theme of my Interpretive Essay is the effect encountering death has on all of the soldiers.  I go on to narrow down the focus of my topic to the impact death has on O'Brien, post-war.  In order to get some more info I did some research on other Vietnam War Veteran's stories.  This is where i got the info.

Gina Duwe is the author of this article.  Duwe is a credible source because she has many other articles published by and she is a paid reporter for the website.  I looked into other sources of info at just to be sure they were a valid source and because of all the info they possess they do seem credible.  The article was written March 14, 2008 which I believe makes it credible as long as it is really about a Vietnam veteran.  In the article Duwe was interviewing multiple Vietnam veterans about their experiences in the war.  The veteran i felt was most influential  was Tom McCaslin.  Tom describes a story about his first encounter with the Viet Cong, “He came right towards me, and I said, ‘S---, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the enemy,’” he said. “So I shot, and luckily I killed him" (Duwe 1).  This was an important part of the interview because Tom goes on to say that he hardly ever talks about his war stories but he feels they needed to be told, which is a lot like O'Brien. 

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