Sunday, February 24, 2013

Secondary Research

I am choosing to write my paper on story telling. Not just the act of telling them but what those stories can do for someone or how it can affect them. A few examples of what stories can do is relieve stress, share wisdom and honor the dead. Sometimes they can be a coping mechanism for people, especially those in the Vietnam War. They went through things that some people will never understand. They lost friends in horrible ways. So telling stories about those events or people can help them remember and pass on to others. These men had to cope with these disasters for the rest of their life. So I decided to look into coping mechanisms. I found a site where it talks about how you do deal with disasters and how to manage stress. It was very helpful. gives a list of ideas for people to do who are coping with a disaster. One of them is to "Write about it. It may help to keep a notebook where you can write down your feelings, as well as anything else that you feel like writing about."

This website is creditable. The article comes from which is Australia's leading online youth mental health service website. They have fact sheets, stories and forums. There are a couple foundations behind it. There are experts behind the site that make it happen, so there is not just one author.
It was started in 1992 after a young man, who was the cousin of Jack Heath, committed suicide. Jack was working for the Prime Minister at the time.

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