Monday, February 25, 2013

I am writing my paper about why it was so hard for Tim O'Brien to get over the man he killed. My secondary source was about someone struggling with how they felt after killing someone.
This helped me with my paper because it shows a different point of view from someone having the same problem as O'Brien. It is hard for some people to take someones life and everyone goes through the experience differently. This article was written by William S. Frisbee Jrand is a credible source. It is a credible source because the author has a lot of experience on the subject of the psychology of killing. There is not a date shown for the source but there is a book recommended on the topic that was written in 1996. It is debatable whether or not this source is current enough because there is no date shown. This source is about the psychology of killing and how it affects someone mentally. the theme of this source is how we should be cautious of our troops mental well being. killing someone can literally change a persons character.  "Some become obsessed with religion and some become psychotic. In essence a person's very character has changed." ( Frisbee 1). This is why it is so important to monitor someones actions and how they are feeling after they kill someone or in any war type scenario.

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