Monday, February 25, 2013

Secondary research

I am focusing on loss of innocence in my essay so my secondary research consisted of war stories from Vietnam from other soldiers wanting to tell their side of the story. The stories help show the horrible situations soldiers in Vietnam had to experience and how it affected their lives.

This source has a description of the purpose of this website clearly stated and they say they researched and used credible sources, then gave some of the specific sources they used. There is no specific author but each article has its own author. The website was created in 2005 and is current enough since the war was in the past. is a collective site that has taken the time to put together articles from people who experienced the war. In the article "The Phu Yen Prison Raid," Charles McDonald discusses his first hand experiences and the horror he saw that took his innocence. "...we noticed a number of elongated mounds around the prison's perimeter. They were shallow graves. Nearby were the bodies of several prisoners, wrapped up and tied to poles, awaiting their place among the graves" (McDonald "The Phu Yen Prison Raid"). These deaths were unjust and it was the American soldiers who had to help put an end to it. Simply seeing these graves and the dead bodies is a loss of innocence that everyday people are lucky enough to not experience.

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