Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Samira's introduction

Hi everyone, I’m Samira Yusuf... I’m from Somalia. I came U.S.A. when I was fifteen years old.  I started High School at Grove City Ohio and graduated from there. I started OSU 2 yrs. ago. I’m taking two classes at Delaware campus and four at Columbus campus. My major is nursing.

I took three quarts off from school because I was having a baby boy name As ‘ad, and he’s three months old now. I thought having a baby was the most difficult thing of all but it turns out it’s the best thing I could ask for.

Good to know you all,

My life would not be complete
Without my very best friend
My best friend is the one that knows me
The best,
The bad times came
But we went through them strong
    Times when you couldn't stop laughing,
And times
When your hurt and in tears,
I will always be there,
The day you said we would be friends till the end
Is the day I found my best friend,
To have you as a real friend
Thank you very much, 

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