Monday, January 14, 2013

My Intro

             Hey guys! My name is Randi Stout. I am from Delaware, Ohio. I graduated from Delaware Hayes High School. I am majoring in Dental Hygiene. My fun fact was that I was actually named after my dad. Our names are just spelled a little different, mine ends with an I and his with a Y.

 I started writing my poem with brainstorming the different parts that needed to be in my poem. Then, I just began writing. I chose the parts that fit and seemed right for my poem. Surprisingly, the process of writing my poem didn't take very long. I chose to write about my grandpa who passed away about 8 years ago. He and I were pretty close, so writing about him wasn't very hard. It brought back a flow of memories that my mom and I reminisced on for hours after finishing my poem.
Never Forgotten
Your love and humor,
I can never forget.
Your heart of gold,
Forever with me.
Your Hawaiian shirts,
Always full of bright colors.
I remember you,
Just as if I saw you yesterday.
Your old creepy house,
The one my mom called home.
Always looking forward to Sunday,
Seeing you sit in that rocker,
Spreading your continuous smile.
One day a week,
Never seemed like enough.
But that one day,
Always meant so much.
Singing was always our thing.
Long car rides,
You knew word for word.
New York, New York,
Now, forever my favorite song.
I thank you for so much.
Your art and creativity,
I cherish the most.
“Never fix what’s not broken.”
Day by day, means more and more
One thing that will never change,
My love for you Grandpa,
Never forgotten.

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