Monday, January 14, 2013

Stephanie Goldick

    My name is Stephanie Goldick. I am originally from the Dayton area, but I moved to Worthington about four and a half years ago. I graduated from Thomas Worthington High School. I played softball for years, and when I went to high school I continued to play for my first three years. I don’t have any family in the Columbus area anymore so I have my own apartment with my best friend in Delaware. Next year I am living on main campus with four of my friends from high school. I am a freshman this year and majoring in Biology with the hopes of moving on to Dental school. I work at a salon and spa in Worthington as a receptionist. 
    While writing my poem, I realized that it was a very easy subject to write about. I chose to write my tribute to my mom who passed away about six years ago. It didn't take me long to write the poem at all. It came to me pretty easily. The poem didn't turn out perfect, but I did enjoy writing it.

A Tribute to Mom
You were always the life of any gathering
Laughing, smiling, telling stories, listening to stories
Once embarrassing but now missing
 your favorite catch phrase “rock on”.
Your words of wisdom still with me;
“you better not start it, but you sure as hell better finish it”
Or “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”
The way your hair overtook your body
Like a lion’s mane.
Remembering your graceful composure
Sitting at the dinner table.
My mom;
My mom;
Full of life.



  1. Great poem. I'm sorry you lost your mother so young. It's odd how we grow to miss the "embarrassing" moments with lost love ones. I've experienced the same thing with my step-father who recently passed.

  2. Sad that you lost your mother. Poem was awesome though. I loved the rock on quote, very cute. The poem was written nicely.

  3. Your mom reminds me of my own mom. She seemed funny and encouraging. The poem was also written well. For a sad event, the poem seems happy.

  4. sorry to hear that you lost your mother i know how that feels because,i also lost my brother who i was really close with. Also, your poem is really good.