Monday, January 21, 2013

Randi Stout
English 1110.03 Mon/Wed 10:10
Mike Lohre 
December 21st 2013

          I am absolutely amazed by this movement! I really enjoyed learning about the "sit-ins." I think it's incredible that these were led by college students! I feel as if these students were very brave and truly believed that society was wrong for going along with segregation. They had a passion for starting a movement and making the world right! Even though more than 80 protestors were charged with disorderly misconduct, nothing would stop these students! One student said, "The first sit-in was funny because the waitresses were nervous. They must have dropped 2,000 dollars worth in dishes." I like how despite what was happening to these students, they could still find humor and passion for what they were doing. Martin Luther King Jr said, "We are not afraid and we will overcome." This quote stands out to me the most because it proves how determined The Freedom Writers were to press for their freedom. They were't afraid of what would happen to them as long as they made a statement to the rest of the world. I think they did just that, many of years later we still learn of this movement and learn from their actions.
       I think the people after this movement learned to honor what they think is right. These people proved to the world that it is possible to make a statement in a non-violent way. Violence isn't always the key to pushing what you think is right. The Freedom Writers proved, as long as you have passion and perseverance, you don't need violence to to produce one of the most significant movements in the century.


  1. I love that they were lead by college students too! They were our age, so young. But made such a strong and large impact on our country and history.

  2. I am also amazed by the strength of will these protesters displayed. In many ways their non-violent protests were far more effective than anything violence could have achieved.