Monday, January 14, 2013

Becca Meacham Post 1

My name is Becca Meacham, and I was born in Boston, MA. I moved here in fifth grade with my mom dad, brother and sister.  They are 15 and 14 years old.  This is my second semester at this branch and plan to transfer to OSU main campus hopefully by next semester.

For my poem, i started off by taking the handout, and filling the answers to the elements we must include. After i did that, i started writing the poem and referred back to the sheet and all the information that i needed to include were already writing out and answered, all I had to do is figure out a way to incorporate the information into the poem. I was surprised to see that writing this poem wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It took me about twenty minutes to write and it turned out how pretty much how I expected, not too shabby but not super awesome.


It been thirteen hard years 
although you are only 15.
Ever since day one,
we knew it would not be easy.

Your eagerness to serve and your energetic smile
is missed at home by all of us.
Your sugar filled breakfast lunch and dinners
and vegetables in-between.

Your beautiful glitter, on your eyes and walls
your never ending gifts from the heart
and your never ending homemade jewelry.
Everyone loves seeing and wearing your creations.

Our Christmas together, Thanksgiving too.
It was sad and very quiet, without you.
From day one, I said "be good" and I continue to say,
"Be good and you'll be home soon" although it seems so far away.


  1. great poem sad yet happy at the same time and very descriptive throughout. great descriptions and dialogue at the end.

  2. Loved the descriptions in the poem, very sweet. Easy to picture

  3. I too will be transferring to main campus next semester, that is if all goes well. Your poem is better than mine so congrats on that, it was composed nicely. Good luck with your semester here and any you may have on main campus in the future.