Monday, January 21, 2013

Becca Meacham MLK Day Exploration

Rebecca Meacham
English 1110.03 MW 10:15-12:10
Mike Lohr
January 21, 2013
Martin Luther King Day
Before watching this film I never really had heard about these “non-violent” movements. I think it’s great that these students got their minds set and took a stand for what they believe to be right. What really stood out to me is how when the students performed these “sit-ins” in the restaurant and were getting arrested as they sat, then, a second wave of students would come in behind them. One of the protester claimed “We just sit there and we continue to sit there all day long.” I also found it funny how one of them claimed that as they sat there “the waitresses must have dropped over $2,000 worth of dishes that day”  and that they had to try not to laugh because they felt” laughing would be insulting” and they did not want to create that type of atmosphere.  I think this was really cool what they did because they respectfully, and calmly took a stand.

           I believe, that people can learn from these movements because they can see that  stands can be taken without using violence. Violence isn't ever the key to making a point and their can be other ways of coming about things besides using violence. There are calm and respectful solutions to making a statement in a way people will recognize.


  1. I agree. I believe a big part of what made the sit-in protests successful was the large number of reserve protesters waiting to replace those who were arrested. They simply overwhelmed the local police with numbers. I imagine the police were a bit perplexed about what to do when they ran out of space in their jails.

  2. I completely agree when you said people can learn from these movements and see that people can make a point without violence. These movements prove that so well. The people who participated in the sit-ins didn't even need to speak to make their point.

  3. it's crazy how something as simple as sitting in the restaurants without saying anything could bring about such a change. the people who organized these really knew how to act in a simple way that could get a big response

  4. the resturants is where it all started and was definitely one of the turning points and largest aspects of the movement helping to move toward desegregation.

  5. I also agree with this. The restaurant was a big factor in the movement

  6. I agree with your last paragraph. It was a lot like mine. I never believed in any type of violence. It is never necessary. I do believe that you can get your point across another way like you said. In a respectful way.