Monday, January 21, 2013

Samira's response to ASOYJails

Non-violent protest
This was a very interesting documentary and very inspirational one in many different ways. The thing that I thought was most encouragement was the whole movement was led by young black college students who lead by example and their example like the counter sit-ins and non-violent protests spread quickly and peacefully from their side. In addition, most of them were brutally attacked and public humiliated but they still had their sense of humor and looked the long-term goal of “achieving equality”.  
            Moreover, in todays world there is violence going on everywhere but some things we can learn from the courage the young teens showed is patience and to stand up what’s right even if it’s against the statue quo of society by means of non violence actions. Also, my most memorable quote from the movie is when the guy said, “We will take hitting. We will take beating,” because it showed these were people determine for freedom for everyone. 

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  1. i think you phrased it perfectly. They were trying to lead by example in order to achieve their long term goal of equality. You're so right that in today's world we have much more violence, but we would all benefit from learning more non-violent ways.