Monday, January 14, 2013

Grants blog #1

My name is Grant Shaffer I am a second semester freshman at Ohio State and I am currently studying architecture.  I am an avid outdoors man and do a lot of fishing, hunting, shooting, skiing, mountain biking, and trail running.  I have lived in the same house in Ohio for 18 years now and don’t want to or plan on moving any time soon.  My fun fact from early was that I am an avid fisherman and kayaker.  I kayak and fish nearly every weekend until there is ice on the lake.
    My process for composing the poem was simply sitting down coming up with some ideas and putting them on paper. I really hit no challenges in my creation of the poem it was very easy for me.  The poem turned out exactly how I expected and in my eyes is pretty good.
 My Belle
Further and further,
Only to stop and walk.
Down to the water where we drive a new vehicle.
Under the bridge, under the road called Howard.
She’s quiet and determined,
Yet she laughs at all my stupid jokes.
We paddle our kayaks like turtles to the shore,
Only to have to turn around.
The usual.
Taco Bell.
As always 2 number 7 meals,
Don’t forget the locos tacos.
She always tells me she loves me,
And I can’t help but smile.
When I see her again,
There’s only one thing I need to say.
I love you.


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  2. This is cute. I like the part about taco bell, it shows that you guys have special things you enjoy doing together. Also i really like the metaphor about kayaks like turtles to the shore.

  3. (Edited my last post) Like we talked about, I too like to kayak. I went rafting/kayaking on the Gauley river and the New river in West Virginia. Had a great time but almost died once on the Gauley River, but even that was fun.

  4. I agree that this poem turned out great. Very creative and fun to read. I myself also like the Taco Bell part.