Monday, January 28, 2013

SNCC and Diane NASh

The subject I chose to research was SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and Diane Nash because she played a large role in the movie we watched and was an active leader in the SNCC and participated in the infamous freedom rides, along with many more campaigns to achieve racial justice.

The SNCC is an orginization that was a large part of the american civil rights movement during the 1960's. They focused on their actions and perserverence to make statements that they wouldn't stop trying to change the view on African Americans and the equality that was deservered until the change actually occured. Members of the SNCC particpated in the lunch counter sit-ins and the freedom rides and many more events to help racial equality.

Diane Nash was an active member of the SNCC and SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference). She particapated in the lunch counter sit-ins and was arrested several times. She also made a major impact with the "jail, no bail" movement, once in jail they would not accept the chance for bail and stay in the time that they gave her.


  1. I really liked Diana Nash. She was funny in the movie we watched in class. I can't believe she was our age when she led this nonviolent movement! Could you imagine? Very brave.

  2. I too, agree with your statements about Diane Nash. And how she was a good nonviolent activist.