Monday, January 14, 2013

C.J.'s Intro

My name is C.J. Raterman, I was born in Columbus Ohio. I moved to Michigan for 7 years when I was younger. I ran track at Dublin Coffman and am now attending OSU with a major of criminal justice. I plan on doing the ROTC program for the united states Air Force my junior year at OSU.

My process for writing this poem was that I would write a line and then think of how I could make the next line rhyme. the rhyming part was easier than I expected it to be but making the poem make sense was difficult. All of the stuff that we were required to put into the poem made it much harder to make the poem flow logically without jumping all over the place. The poem did turn out how I expected and but I don's think it logically flows.

Luke always planned a fun game of hockey on a hot summer day
We would go door to door asking people to play
“oh ya I call goalie” Luke would always say
I spent every day of my elementary school summers with my bud
We had an accident that day. What a funny, caring kid I thought as he cleaned up my blood
Like a pack of wolves our friends stuck together, our houses only separated by maybe a mile
This lasted for years until the sad day I moved, but I still go back to visit every once in a while
Every time I go back there is one friend I don’t see
Quite possibly the one that was closest to me
His name is Luke Price, you can’t tell at first glance but he is very intelligent
That kid was so cool and always had the best luck
Sadly the last time I saw him was the day he helped pack our moving truck.
One day I’d like to see him again
To show him this poem and remind my friend,
Of the laughs we shared and the fun times we had
Of the countless sleepovers  
Of all the made up games that we played
I remember our last goodbye, it’s been nearly a decade



  1. Good poem. I hope you see your friend soon!

  2. Awesome poem! I have a friend like that and although our houses are close, our colleges are not. Everyone needs a friend like that and I hope you are able to one day meet up with him again.