Monday, January 28, 2013

Bobby Kennedy

Robert Kennedy more commonly known as Bobby Kennedy is the brother of former late president John Kennedy or JFK.  Bobby Kennedy started his political as a lawyer in the international security section that led the prosecution of suspected soviet spies in American territory.  Bobby Kennedy is much better known for his humanitarian works and his term as the attorney general of the United States.  Bobby worked his entire term as attorney general to help groups such as the freedom riders and a strong supporter of the Martin Luther King Jr. movement.

                Bobby Kennedy was one of the strongest political supporters of desegregation and his largest showing of that was when he forced the cooperation of the Alabama governor to give the freedom riders protection when they arrived on their second to last stop I in one of the most racist towns in the united states, Montgomery, Alabama. One of the most surprising things to me about Kennedy has to do with his schooling.  It did not surprise me that he went to Harvard school of law but that he was forced to drop out and join the navy due to the happening of the Second World War.

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  1. Good facts. I didn't know R. Kennedy was in the Navy, or that he served in WW2.