Monday, January 14, 2013

My Life Intro & My poem

Hey y'all,
      My name is Mohamed, Born in Somalia. I live with my dad and my brother. I like to do a trip all around the world some time in my life, so that I can learn about different civilizations, cultures, and people. I play basketball, soccer, volleyball, and I also play pool table for fun. I am a very friendly person and like to hangout with friends all the time.

This poem honestly took me two days to brainstorm it and think about it, but I come up with the basics and the words with in less than 20 minutes.

Friendship Poem 

I remember the joy and happiness 
That we had together
When we played dominoes 
In those nights forever
Picking on each other 
Joking and laughing 
Printed the unforgettable memory in my mind 

How can I forget about the fun
That we had together
And the stories of yours 
About the sleepless man

That last time I seen you 
Your beautiful smile 
Freshens my memory about you 
I truly miss that personality

There are no few words
Describes your person
Maybe trustworthy and respectful
Is definitely you

Those are a few reasons 
Why your friendship
Means the whole world to me 
And I just realize where a friend is 
There is no failure

The End.   


  1. hi mohamed, its samira...i dont knw if u still remember me or not but we used to go to same high school.

  2. lol.. I definitely remember you. It been quit a time, how you been?

  3. lol yh... great alhamdulillah
    is this ur first semester here?

  4. No, So far I want to A Last year's spring quarter and the past winter semester