Monday, January 21, 2013

Ain't Scared of Your Jails

Nonviolent protests

                  I was incredibly impressed with the group that put together and participated in these nonviolent protests. I do remember learning just a little bit about these protests in my past years of schooling. I just never realized how organized and smart they were though. It really impressed me how mature and brave they were, even when being attacked by bitter people. They were smart about how to really get to the government without having to physically harm anyone. Boycotting the stores downtown was genius, just like the bus boycott. They really got to the people and government by not going downtown and giving them business.
            Another part of the documentary that stood out to me was when they interviewed a mother whose son was arrested during these nonviolent protests. She described the moment when she got a call from him, in jail, and he told her to “be cool.” The mother was crying but laughing at the same time in this interview. She talked like you had to be there to hear how he said it. He was so relaxed about the fact that he was in jail. It just shows that they didn’t care. The bigger issue at hand was more important to them to fight for.
            I learned that it is necessary to fight for what you believe in! But when I say fight, it doesn’t have to be physical. You can get a message across by being smart and mature and fighting your conflict a different way.


  1. Great post. I like how you commented on the effectiveness of the boycotts. I too believe they were a great way of showing local businesses that the black community wasn't economically powerless.

  2. It is funny how all the success during this movement was achieved by maturity. If problems were handled with that same peace and dedication, more problems would be resolved.