Monday, January 14, 2013

About Me: Jordan Dunlea

Hi all.  My name is Jordan Dunlea.  I am 19 years old, and was born and raised in Dublin, Ohio.  My fun fact is that I am a current student at Ohio State University.  That's fun right?  I chose OSU because both of my parents work for OSU so I get a discount, I also live near campus so it is convenient.  I grew up playing a lot of sports and had demanding parents that made me train 24/7 but I believe this has benefited my work ethic.  When I have time, I enjoy hanging out with friends on campus or visiting with my large family.  I work at in a warehouse where I build canvases then ship them to the customers.

My poem was about my friend Nate.  He can be a pain at times but I spend so much time with him that it would be hard for him not to be my best friend, despite the fact that we sometimes want to kill one another.  Since he was the obvious choice for my poem topic I just had to pick what to write about him.  I found myself reviewing many of the memories we shared and he actually helped a little with some of the lines.  I found it challenging to find words to describe him because it's not something that I consider often.  I believe the poem turned out okay but the organization was sloppy and it possessed very little focus in terms of writing style.  I expected this because of all the writing styles poetry is probably my weakest point.


  1. great poem had a lot of great details about your friend and was pretty funny in some spots.

  2. I like your poem because it shows that you know a lot about your friend. Also shows how close you guys are and how you have good times together. I like that you mention you have a bright future being friends with him.