Monday, January 21, 2013

Ain't Scared Of Your Jails

This video was really interesting, and although I have heard about many non violent protests in the 1950's and 1960's; I haven't really gone in depth and seen how everything works in detail. What really struck me most about this was much more involved the students were with desegregation than the normal black adults. I think this is what made so many of their plans successful, having the youth get involved. So much so, that they created the SNCC ( Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee). In this committee Diane Nash was the leader and she committed herself into getting the issue of segregation up to high authorities. At one point she asked the Mayor of Nashville, mayor West about how he felt about the issue of discrimination. She said to him, "do you feel it is wrong to discriminate someone based solely on their race or color"? He replied that it was wrong and that he would answer that the same way every time. This was a major turning point in the movement against segregation. There were many tactics the college students used in their plans to end discrimination. This really surprised me becasue I just thought they just stood there and ignored the people harassing  them. But there was much more than that, for example they actually set up fake situations in where they had to practice how to react in those situations. And even in tough situations where the black community faced obstacles they still fought through it. In times like when the the communities main lawyer's house was bombed, the community transferred that tragedy into positive energy and kept moving on with there non violent protests. The government got involved also. Especially in the political campaign with Kennedy and Nixon. They both felt the same way about the segregation but they didn't want to do anything to drastic to spur up violence and up-roar with the white people. But when MLK was put in jail, Kennedy felt the need to do something so at first her at least call his wife with sympathy. And then he called the judge to get King out of jail, which ultimately proved to be successful especially in his campaign. There was a risk for Kennedy becasue he didn't want to loose his white votes. This video was very detailed and really showed everything the blacks went through and everything they did to get their equal rights.


  1. the students were smart enough to gt what they want period

  2. I love the part about how they did train and create fake situations where they were being harassed or harmed. This really did prepare them for some real life situations and made them stronger against the fighters.

  3. This is a great post, And all of these students were very smart